domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

Mark Isham - Tibet

Tibet is an electro-tribal world music symphony composed to honor that country. Mark Isham handles the task tastefully and tactfully. He uses Japanese haiku as a basis for rhythm and repetition. The only ethnic instrument is the bamboo flute. Isham's sound design incorporates traditional western instruments in honor of Tibet and its culture. This is not Tibetan music, but it does evoke imagery of the Himalayas and "the place where the earth and the heavens meet." The atmospheres are subtle and mysterious. Isham's soundscapes waver from new age to ambient to minimalism to worldbeat. The fluctuations are random. This disc will appeal to fans of Jon Jenkins, Greg Klamt, John Flomer, and Patrick O'Hearn. - by Jim Brenholts, AMG

Mark Isham (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Perkiphone, Gongs and Electronics)
Bill Douglass (Bamboo Flutes)
Ken Kugler (Bass Trombone)
Doug Lunn (Electric Bass)
Peter Maunu (Guitar)
Jean Roth (French Horn)
Tom Sassa (Voice)
Kim Scharnberg (Tenor Trombone)
Richard Todd (French Horn)
David Torn (Guitar)
Kurt Wortman (Percussion and Gongs)

1. Part I 13:14
2. Part II 4:52
3. Part III 6:23
4. Part IV 9:06
5. Part V 14:52
All compositions by Mark Isham

3 comentarios:

  1. Acabo de conocer este blog. Genial.

    Magnifico disco de Isham. Lo tengo en vinilo.

    Si lo pudierais resubir....

  2. Mark Isham es uno de los compositores de música para películas más importantes de Hollywood.
    New Link
    Mark Isham - Tibet


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