martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Soul of the Machine - The Windham Hill Sampler of new Electronic Music

This sampler of Windham Hill artists is beautiful and very calming. It is fine as background music,but really it deserves to be listened to over headphones in an enviornment where you can give the music your attention.  This is an album I listen to when I want to slowly relax all of the muscles in my body. This music verges on the spiritual,and I recommend it for anyone who is getting fed up with all of the stress our lives generates.

En mi opinión, uno de los mejores discos jamás lanzado por Windham Hill, y raro de encontrar en estos días. canciones como "Land of the Morning Calm" de Philippe Saisse o el tema "Time and the River" de Fred Simon tienen un sonido tan atemporal y hermoso como  en aquel entonces.

1. Rizzo - Mitchel Forman
2. Time and the River - Fred Simon
3. Water Trade - Michael Whiteley
4. Ayers Rock - Colin Chin
5. Peace of Mind - Richard Schönerz, Shido
6. Land of the Morning Calm - Mino Cinelu, Philippe Saisse
7. Cityscape - Gary Chang
8. Chorale - Ted Greenwald, Scott Hitzik
9. In the Age of Steam - Mark Darnell, Paul McCandless
10. Lure of Silence - Tim Story
11. Shadows of the Earth - Roy Finch

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