martes, 21 de agosto de 2012

Cyrille Verdeaux - Journey to Tantraland

The second chakra of the Kundalini Opera is linked with energies and thoughts of sexual nature. The second chakra (Svadhisthana) exists at the lumbar plexus and promotes generation, creativity and expression. Journey to Tantraland is composed to harmonize the energies and thoughts of sexual nature. This music is composed to be used for massage therapy as well as love making. The momentum and modulations of Cyrille Verdeaux music work with Tai Chi, meditation and tantra yoga (tantrism being the yoga of mastery of sexual energy). Individuals trapped at this level of consciousness tend to view people and life only through sexuality and selfish pleasure, creating a debased view of life. Sexual energy expressed through the free and open movement of Kundalini through the second chakra has the capacity to purify into love and selflessness, alchemically transforming the aspirant. Tantra is the study of the universal from the point of view of the individual. This ancient vedic science of India is devoted to understanding the alignment of the microcosm with the macrocosm through a set of mental and spiritual exercises that bring about a sense of unity with the infinite. This unity is realized by lovers during the ecstatic bliss of sexual intercourse where the two (duality, male/female, yin/yang) are reconciled and merge into oneness. The divine and the drop of water merges into the ocean absorb the individual separate consciousness. Journey to Tantraland is the voyage of alignment for the fusion of male and female energy.

1. Shambala 9:46
2. Rainbow Bubbles 6:28
3. Journey To the Center of the Head 9:47
4. Moraga Hall 5:25
5. Flute-miroir 4:53
6. Meditation Lyricon 17:04
7. Flying Carpet 6:36

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  1. Disculpen amigos Mediafire me dice con un ridiculo mensaje que el archivo pertenece a una cuenta suspendida.

    Cuando puedan lo arreglan?


  2. Pareciera que todos los archivos alojados en Mediafire les aplicaron la guillotina.

    Lamentando las perdidas.

    Fucking Mediafire!!! No es la primera vez que lo hacen!!


  3. Journey to Tantraland
    Hola Muadib, mi cuenta de mediafire esta suspendida y muchos de los archivos no se pueden descargar.
    Ahora esta resubido en una nueva cuenta de estos canallas...
    Que el TAO te acompañe :-)

  4. Gracias Fulca que el Tao siempre te acompañe en el batallar contra Mediafire


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