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Zeus Faber - Scubason

Zeus Faber's 1993 debut, Scubason, provides exactly what the album's name signifies: the sound of the deep. The duo's intertwining, often poignant keyboard lines combine with samples, environmental recordings and jazzy touches of bass, guitar, sax and flute for a mellow and otherworldly effect. The title track, "Whaledance" and "Another World" flow gracefully, highlighting the group's skillful arrangements and playing. "Highland" interjects a Celtic feel to Faber's music, while "Goya" evokes Spain with castanets and a pizzicato string rhythm. An accomplished and creative debut. ~ Heather Phares
All songs written by Oliver Traun and Tristan Feldbauer.

Zeus Faber:
Composers: Tristan Feldbauer; Olivier Truan.
Axel Fischbacher (acoustic guitar),
Ursula Sauter (violins),
Niki Reiser (flute, alto flute),
Michael Heitzler (clarinet),
Oliver Traun (keyboards, accordion, melodica),
Tristan Feldbauer (keyboards),
Peter Herbert (acoustic bass).

1. Another World
2. Scubason
3. Whaledance
4. Rain (Interlude 1)
5. Highland
6. Birds (Interlude 2)
7. Stella Mare
8. Goya (Interlude 3)
9. Land Of The Mermaids
10. Once In A Blue Moon

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  1. De nada Neo, un placer saludarte querido amigo..Salud

  2. Scubason, ofrece exactamente lo que el nombre del álbum significa: el sonido de las profundidades. entrelazadas, líneas de teclado conmovedoras que se combinan con grabaciones ambientales y toques de jazz
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    Zeus Faber - Scubason


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