viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2013

Niekku 3

The five women who comprised Niekku were all former students of the country's
only music "high school" and are now performers and teachers.
They sing warm, gentle harmonies, play accordions, kantele (the lap harp),
mandolins, bass and fiddle.

The music they make on Niekku 3 (Olarin Music, Finland) is deceptive, in that the tones of all the instruments and voices are usually light and sweet, but at times the groupings of the harps and voices gets down-right furious, and once or twice it even gets a little skewed and bizarre.

One tune weaves its way through music box-like melodies on the kantele, with the accordions eventually
overwhelming them in discordant madness, and then drifts slowly back to the ground. It is this splendid use of old instruments and new ideas that typifies Niekku's approach to their music.

Maria Kalaniemi (accordion, voice),
Anna-Kaisa Liedes (kanteles, voice),
Liisa Matveinen (kanteles, voice),
Anu Itäpelto (kanteles, voice),
Leena Joutsenlahti (winds, voice)

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  1. Cinco estudiantes Finlandesas se juntaron para crear Niekku, un grupo apasionante

    Niekku 3


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