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He Ying - Ying Ying's Language of Flowers

Daniel Deng

Please forgive my obstinate predilection for words. In fact my music creation
can not be separated from the inspiration of the words these years, such as
The Past, Present & Future of Guangzhou, Girls of The Red Chamber, Tragic Love
Story Of Xishi, Ancient Love Stories, Ying Ying’s Language of Flowers,
anyone of them is like this.

One day I woke up at noon, the new green courtyard outside the window was very
silent, but I listened to the steps of thin cloud floating in the sky and also
the joy of all the flowers on the branches. Then I read this passage:
“……Begonia turned from a infatuated woman’s tears according to the legend.
The woman waited for her lover but she never got him and she was very sad,
tears came from her eyes to drop into the earth then begonia grew up.
So begonia was tears of all infatuated women’s in the world,
It was most brilliant and could be against storms.”How beautiful it is!

I telephoned the lady who wrote the words of begonia. I asked her:
“What else flowers do you write? Give all to me!Maybe the fragrance of flowers
can be also heard and seen.”

Then we created this music album----YingYing’s Language of Flowers.

Producer: Yang Lanxiang & Lin Haodong
 Chief Supervisor: Lin Haodong & Zhao Haiwei
Planning Director: Li Guangping
Composer, Supervisor & Conductor: Daniel Deng
Zither(Chief Player): He Ying
Urheen, Gao Hu: Huang Jiangqin
Xiao, Flute: Tan Yanjian
Guitar, Synthesizer: Daniel Deng
Chinese Zither and String Music Instrumental Quintet: He Ying(Zither) Zhang Yi(Chief-violin) Li Yebo(Secondary-violin) Ye Kaiying(Viola)  Yu Ping(Cello)

Cello Solo: Yu Ping
French Horn: Fu Lei
Strings Group: Strings Group of Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra
Zi Hou of Cantonese Opera(Soprano): Su Chunmei

Recorder: Sun Shaojian, Li Rongsheng & Zhang Zheng
Overdub: Sun Shaojian
Text&Poem: Zhong Zheping
Translator: Wang Xiaoya
Spreader: LI Guangping& Qu Yafei
Graphic Designer: Ding Zhiming
Recording Studio: Daniel Deng’s Music Studio, Chinese Disc Company Guangzhou Company’s Recording-room, Studio of Guangzhou Military Region Soldiers' Troupe
Track List

01. Dream — Birdwood's Mucuni
02. Women — Jasmine
03. Autumn Rain — Begonia
04. Years — Chrysanthemum
05. Climbing on Branches — Kapok
06. Zhujiang Water — White Orchid
07. Expecting — Daffodil
08. Admiration — Water Lily
09. Blue — Tulip
10. Valley — Gynura

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