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Paul Winter Consort - Miho, Journey to the Mountain

Miho: Viaje a la Montaña es un álbum de Paul Winter Consort, lanzado en 2010 a través del sello discográfico Living Music, El álbum fue un encargo del Museo Miho en Kyoto, Japón, para una celebración musical. El museo es una pieza única de la arquitectura, construido en la cima de una montaña, y con un túnel parcialmente en él, dándole la experiencia de que el museo es parte de la Tierra. El álbum fue grabado en los pasillos del museo, que son naturalmente reverberante. En 2011, el álbum ganó un premio Grammy por Mejor Álbum New Age.

(Liner notes by Paul Winter)
The Miho and me:
During the many times I have visited and performed in Japan since the Consort’s first tour in 1987, I dreamed of making an album inspired by the culture and natural beauty of Japan. On each visit I made a trip to a different natural site among the many islands of the archipelago: from Hokkaido in the north, where I saw the tanchos (red-crowned cranes) in Kushiro; to the blue-coral reefs of Ishigaki in the south; the giant Yaku Sugi trees on the island of Yakushima; and the forests of the southernmost island, Iriomote, home to the rare and fabled Iriomote wildcat.

    Paul Winter - soprano saxophone (tracks 1, 7, 8, 10, 14, 16, 18-20, 22)
    Eugene Friesen - cello (tracks 8, 11, 18, 19, 22)
    Don Grusin - keyboard (tracks 2, 4, 6, 16, 17, 21, 22)
    Jordan Rudess - keyboard (tracks 3, 11, 19)
    Druba Ghosh - sarangi (tracks 2, 15, 20)
    Arto Tuncboyaciyan - vocals (tracks 3, 11, 13, 16, 20), sazabo (tracks 3, 11), percussion (track 20)
    Paul McCandless - oboe (track 22), English horn (tracks 4, 13, 17), heckelphone (track 9), bass clarinet, (track 20)
    Yukiko Matsuyama - koto (tracks 5, 13)
    Glen Velez - percussion (track 14), riq (track 6), tar (track 6), shakers (track 6), bendir (track 9)
    Steve Gorn - bansuri (tracks 7, 8, 13, 20, 22)
    Yangjin Lamu - voice (track 8)
    Tim Brumfield - piano (tracks 18), organ (track 8)
    Cafe DeSilva - percussion (track 8)
    Eriko Koide - carillon (tracks 12, 21)
    Shumei Taiko Ensemble (track 20)
    Chorus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, conducted by Wayne Abercrombie (track 19)
    Shumei Chorus, conducted by Hiroko Matsui (track 20)


    "Saxophone (Song of Miho)"
    "Sarangi (Dawn Raga)"
    "Arto (Before It's Too Late)"
    "English Horn (Theme from "On the Central Steppes of Asia", Borodin)"
    "Frame Drums (Cedar Grove Dance)"
    "Bansuri & Saxophone"
    "Yangjin (Words of Wish Fulfillment)"
    "Bendir And Heckelphone"
    "Saxophone Reprise"
    "Arto (Singing to the Mountain)"
    "The Welcome (Song of Miho)"
    "Koto Spring"
    "Elephant Dance"
    "Whale Raga"
    "Love Is Not in Your Mind"
    "Andante (Bach)"
    "Saturday Night in Peach Blossom Valley"
    "Song of Miho"
    "Morning Sun"

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