miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012

Jia Peng Fang - Moonlight

I have performed the Erhu in a variety of albums starting with "River" and in albums such as "Rainbow" and "Faraway". In this album, I wanted to express the worlds of Asia other than China through the Erhu. I challenged areas in technique and rhythm that I had never experienced before. When I received the scores from the two composers, the range was much broader and higher than my previous performances and I wondered to what degree I would be able to express myself. Now I feel the thoughts and wishes of the composers and the performer resonate very pleasantly. I fully appreciate that the two composers Mr. Toshiyuki Watanabe and Mr. Haruki Mino kindly offered to use their wonderful talents on the Erhu.

In the piece that I myself composed, I followed the memories of my heart. Sometimes it's possible to see where you are at a certain point because you are looking from somewhere else. The scenes that I could see were those of my early childhood years, in the extreme cold land where I continued to play the Erhu. What thought was on my father's mind when we moved to the new barren land, the warm smiles of my friends during my junior high school days... There is me, myself who grew up in this homeland and me now as I work, centering my activities in Japan.

It was because of the anxieties about the unknown future that I was able to work so hard till today. You don't know what will happen till you try something. If you get caught up in what's front of you, you can lose sight of what is what. If you keep climbing that mountain with hope in your heart, there will always be a moment of brilliance when you can really see. I put these brilliant moments into this album. What makes me feel truly happy now is the moment when the song in my heart reaches deeply into the listeners heart through the Erhu. I have the best audience and the best composers in Japan. I wish to keep delivering tones that are real and true to my heart. Thank you so much.

01.Winter River
04.Tango Of Asia
06.Mai Kyoku
07.What A Beautiful World
09.Cherry Blossoms
10.Summer Of Jiamusi

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  2. Enhorabuena, muy buen huerto y que bien cuidado. Ya va el enlace de nuevo.


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